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The simple answer is because you enjoy the Chamorro culture and way of life!

Without its members, the GSA could not survive as an organization. Our Executive Board is working hard to provide an environment within the GSA that will make its current members proud and in effect, attract new members. Some of the incentives on being a member of the GSA include, but is not limited to:

  • Receiving email updates on GSA events via distribution list
  • Option to receive personal GSA email address (yourname@guamsociety.org)
  • Access to the future Members Only area on the GSA Website (Coming soon!)
  • Contact Us for more information
  • If you have a general question regarding GSA activities and upcoming events, we ask that you contact our Communications Chair via email or filling out the Contact Us form for additional information. Your question will be answered directly or forwarded to the appropriate GSA Committee member based on your inquiry.

    Our goal is to promptly respond to your request.  If you feel that we are not providing you with the response in a timely manner.  You can find the contact information for the GSA Officers by clicking on this link

    The best way to receive updates on future events is to become a member of the GSA. That will enable your contact information to be added to our distribution list. Also, as a member, you will gain access to the Members Only area of the website, once it is available to the current membership community (Coming soon in April).

    If you are currently not a member of the GSA and would like to join, please visit our GSA Membership page.

    General membership meetings are held every quarter throughout the year. Its location may vary but since we want to give every member the opportunity to attend, we try our best to rotate the meetings usually between Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. The location for each meeting are determined usually by members who have generously volunteered to host it in their home..

    The purpose of the meetings is to update the membership community with the latest information regarding the Society. There are motions made and organizational related topics discussed that may require a vote from members who are present at the meeting.

    The Society doesn't discriminate against individuals or groups that are interested in becoming members with the purpose of continuing the Chamorro culture around the world. Those who have been invited by current members to attend the meetings are welcomed and encouraged to become members and experience the fun times within the Society.  Meetings are traditionally preceded by a pot-luck lunch and are usually less than two hours long depending on the items on the agenda.  Come out to a general membership meeting and enjoy the Chamorro hospitality of the member(s) hosting the meeting and participate in the sessions that drive the coordination, planning and execution of the Guam Society events.  Occasionally, visitors and dignitaries from Guam attend our meetings who are in the area when the meetings are conducted attend the meetings as well. 

    Find out more by visiting the  GSA Membership page.

    The Society updates pictures from its events year round.  Click on the 'Photo Galleries' segment on the blue bar/second row under the Guam Society of America Logo and Header of the website header.  From there you can see a drop down of events and the photos that have been loaded for them.  Please note that not all pictures taken or received are posted, however, if you have specific interests, send us an email at info@guamsociety.org regarding the photo or photos you're interested in. We welcome pictures from individuals, but there will be a limited number of pictures posted on the main site to ensure the best possible web experience for our visitors.

    To avoid missing out on some great photos of these events, become a member now by visiting the GSA Membership page!

    The GSA Board and volunteer staff makes every effort to update and publish information as it's received.

    It's our ongoing goal to provide timely and relevant information that our members can rely on.