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Hafa adai!!

Welcome to the Guam Society of America. We are a non-profit, non-partisan social and civic organization open to individuals living and working in the Washington D.C. metro area who are connected to or who share a love for the island of Guam, it’s rich culture and welcoming people.
Whether you share a personal or professional connection to Guam or it’s people. Please join us in promoting the culture, traditions and language of the indigenous people of Guam (Chamorros) through a broad range of social and philanthropic events year-round.

First organized in 1952 when a group of Chamorros living in the Washington, D.C. metro area decided to form an organization to represent Guam in the Conference of States Societies, to promote friendly and cooperative relations between the various State and Territorial Societies in the District of Columbia, fostering educational, cultural and civic activities in the area and its surrounding communities.

The Guam Society of America has planned an active year and members of the Society will be able to participate in a number of great events, such as:

  • Valentines Volunteer / Membership Appreciation Night
  • Cherry Blossom Coronation Ball
  • Participation in the Cherry Blossom Festival Activities
  • General Membership Meetings – four meetings held during the calendar year
  • Summer Picnics – including the annual Memorial Day weekend and Liberation Picnic that allows for networking with other Chamorros and catching up with family and friends.
  • Roberto L.G. Lizama Memorial Classic Golf Tournament – held annually on the Friday of the Labor Day weekend - enjoy golf and traditional Chamorro Fiesta as part of the tournament.
  • Chamorro Night – celebrate the Chamorro culture during a dinner event filled with music, dancing, cultural displays and more.
  • Holiday Party – enjoy the holiday season with friends new and old and member children under 12 receive a special gift from a certain gentleman in Red and White who comes to ring in the holiday season each year; adults participate in the White Karabao gift exchange as well.
  • Congressional Events – network with and support our congregational representatives in the annual Capitol Hill reception that highlights Guam and its history as well as commemoration and remembrance of our island’s Liberation in World War II.
  • And much more – Enjoy membership discount prices for the certain paid events, receive email notification on all of the events listed above as well as highlights of membership happenings throughout the year.

For further information contact us at with comments or questions. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Annuals dues are:

$15.00 per individual

$25.00 per family (family members 18 and over must sign up for individual membership)

$20 for couples, $10 for seniors (62 and older)

$10.00 for undergraduate college students and high school students ages 18 and older.

Members of the Society are eligible for free or discounted rates, exclusive access to members-only events, and will receive our email updates. Membership dues directly support the Society events.  Please note that Society membership is from Jan 1st though December 31st each year.  We encourage members to renew their membership for the following year by November 30th.   If there is an election of officers during the year, membership must be paid in full for the year, by October 1st of that year in order to be able to receive an election ballot.

Membership payments can be made at, using the Guam Society Square Account Market Place at

Upon completion of membership payment on the link above, please complete the Guam Society Membership Form (Click Here to Download:  Guam Society of America Membership Form) and email the completed form to  Your information will be used to update the Guam Society Membership Listing.   If you are a current member, please download the form and resubmit with any changes to your contact information, especially email, phone number, and mailing address.