Håle’ Para Agupa’

Håle’ Para Agupa’ Hinekkan Manhoben Para I Manmamaila’ Roots for Tomorrow: Youth Grasp of the Culture for the Future (Translated by Peter R. Onedera)

Hafa Adai Guam Society of America (GSA): I am very excited to announce the creation of Håle’ Para Agupa’: Hinekkan Manhoben Para I Manmamaila’ on September 13, 2016. Håle’ Para Agupa’ was established by Teresita Guevara Smith, daughter of past GSA president Terri, and Danny Smith. Håle Para Agupa’ was made possible through the partnership of Kutturan Chamoru Foundation (KCF) and the support of the GSA. After spending the past 15 months immersed in the culture participating as a performing arts Delegate for the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts representing the island of Guam, traveling home to the island for 3 months to learn from the Masters of Chamorro Dance, Siñot Frank Rabon, Siñora Eileen Meno, and my Fa’fa’någue (teacher) Siñora Heidi Quenga of KCF, I came back to Maryland feeling renewed, inspired and driven to continue my journey of learning more about the Chamorro culture and share my journey with others. Our cultural values, traditions, language, and dance are endangered of being instinct within the next 20-30 years. In order to answer the ancestors’ call to perpetuate, preserve and sustain the culture, we must take immediate action so that the present generation and those yet to come, truly know what it means to be Chamorro. Håle’ Para Agupa’ is a part of the movement happening across the world to answer this call.


Håle’ Para Agupa’ was created to provide a space for Chamorros living in U.S. east coast regional area to connect with the Chamorro culture via Chamorro learning sessions. Peer-to-peer learning will include Chamorro topics around culture, values, traditions, language, songs and dance. Håle’ Para Agupa’ will incorporate both in-person and video conferencing gatherings for participates.

Who is Håle Para Agupa for?

Håle’ Para Agupa’ was established for anyone of Chamorro decent or anyone who has a passion for the Chamorro culture. The Chamorro learning sessions are open to all age groups.

How to get involved?

Håle’ Para Agupa’ will be hosted at Terri and Danny’s residence every first Sunday of the month from 1:00 – 4:00p.m (3 hours). Håle’ Para Agupa’ will also host a mid-month check-in via video conference every 3rd Sunday of the month from 2:00 – 3:30p.m (1 ½ hours). If you are interested in joining one of our upcoming learning sessions please send your name, cell, and email, as well as, your Chamorro family name and village (if known) to HaleParaAgupa@gmail.com.

Are you interested in being a part of the Håle’ Para Agupa’ Team?

Håle’ Para Agupa’ can use your help! We need support in the areas of administration, communication, and education. To learn more regarding how to be a part of the team, please contact Teresita directly at HaleParaAgupa@gmail.com.

Are you interested in learning more ways to support Håle’ Para Agupa’?

We are currently seeking Chamorro educational material, such as educational books, posters, cds, dvds and any other learning material. We are looking to identify individuals who are willing to share their knowledge in future learning sessions.

Do you speak Chamorro fluently and would you be willing to teach a language focused session?

Are you good storyteller? Do you have a Chamorro story to tell?

Do you have a special Chamorro dish that you know how to cook and would be willing to teach others in a live cooking demonstration?

Do you have knowledge of a skill surrounding the Chamorro culture, such as weaving, carving, jewelry making, fishing, medicine, etc…?

Do you have a musical background? Do you play a musical instrument?

Do you have a Chamorro dance background?

Si Yu’os ma’ase for your interest in being a part of this movement and for supporting Håle’ Para Agupa’!

Saina ma’ase, Si Teresita Guevara Smith (Familian Kalu)

Håle’ Para Agupa’ Director

Cell: 240.899.5224

Email: HaleParaAgupa@gmail.com