*Visit This Site for Information on the 2016 Scholarship Program – Available by January 2016*

Hafa Adai High School and College Students,

The application for the 2016 Guam Society of America Scholarships will soon be available for download.  Submission deadline for the 2016 Scholarship applications will be Monday, May 30, 2016, 11:59PM ET.  Applicants are reminded that if you are not on the ET zone, please ensure that you submit your packet prior to the deadline - for example if you are in California, your packet needs to be submitted by 8:59PM PT on Monday, May 30, 2016. No extensions to the deadline will be granted.  It is highly recommended that you courtesy copy yourself on your email when you submit your packet.  Also be aware of the size of your attachments as they may hinder or delay delivery of your packet.  In some cases, you may have to submit your packet via separate emails depending on the limitations of your email service provider.  The timestamp on the email when received will be used to determine if the published deadline was met.

DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE IS NEAR – START THE APPLICATION PROCESS NOW! 1st step is submitting your membership and we highly recommend that students start working their references and letters of recommendation now.  The Guam Society will be happy to provide feedback on specific areas and will provide additional feedback on submitted packets that are received 30 days before the deadline; this will allow applicants to make any corrections and resubmit updated documents or packet information.  For specific questions about the packet, the process or other information, please send an email to  In the past, parents have been the main communication point for the scholarship – the Guam Society wants to hear from the student applicants, themselves.  Parents are encouraged to help their children with the process – however, the scholarship will be awarded to the student so we are looking to hear from them.  The program is designed not only to award scholarships but to begin the process of transition to college life and self-responsibility.

Remember that essays must be submitted in MS Word Format to be considered and applicant photo must be sent in .JPG/.JPEG or .BMP formats.

The 2016 Guam Society Scholarship Recipients will be announced and scholarships presented at the 2016 Guam Liberation Day Picnic (date to be determined), at the Burba Lake Cottage/Pavilion, Fort Meade, Maryland.  Recipients are welcomed to attend the picnic.  Please check for announcement and details about the picnic on this website.

These are educational scholarships for graduating high school (including GED equivalent) students and undergraduate college students who will be attending college in the fall of 2016.  Please note these scholarships are for Undergraduate Degree pursuits only.

1)  Note that we are only accepting ONLINE submissions for the application packet.

2) Letters of recommendation and student resume’ for this year’s applications are required. Applicants should start requesting these letters of recommendation now and not wait until just before the packet is due as most teachers, instructors, professors, etc. will be very busy at the end of the school or semester.

3)  There is only one essay for the year’s application.  Essay requirements is not more than 4 pages or less than 1200 words.
4)  A checklist will placed at the beginning of the packet to help applicants.  Please ensure to read the entire packet to make sure that you don’t miss any of the instructions and requirements.
5)  If you have any questions, please contact the Guam Society at or

NOTE:  The packet includes a checklist with key areas for applicants to review and ensure are addressed as part of their submission.   Most important is ensuring you have submitted your Student Membership ($10) to the Guam Society of America – it is a requirement to apply for the Scholarship.  We encourage you to pay for your membership online (see Membership Area) on this site.  If you are unable to pay online, you can call 703.868-5660 to pay via credit card or visit the Guam Society’s Square Account at .  Applicants who are under the age of 18 are covered under their parents membership, if their parents are members of the Guam Society for 2015; if not, then the applicant must pay the $10 student membership.

The Brigida Guzman Lizama Scholarship is named in honor of one of the Guam Society of America’s matriarchs, Brigida Guzman Lizama who passed away in 2010. Auntie ‘Bea’ was an active member of the Guam Society along with her husband Uncle Bob (Roberto LG Lizama). The scholarship program was near and dear to her heart and the Society is very proud to have this category named in her honor. This scholarship requires 24 volunteer hours provided directly to the Guam Society of America and previous Guam Society Membership in 2014. Additional details are provided in the packet for applicants to fulfill their volunteer hour requirements for the scholarship – students interested in applying for this category, may contact the Guam Society for ideas on earning these service hours.  You do not have to be in the Washington, DC metro area to work these service hours – we can always use your help virtually or remotely.  Contact us for tasks that can be done remotely and still earn hours for this category.

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