Who can attend the meetings?

The purpose of the meetings is to update the membership community with the latest information regarding the Society. There are motions made and organizational related topics discussed that may require a vote from members who are present at the meeting.

The Society doesn’t discriminate against individuals or groups that are interested in becoming members with the purpose of continuing the Chamorro culture around the world. Those who have been invited by current members to attend the meetings are welcomed and encouraged to become members and experience the fun times within the Society.  Meetings are traditionally preceded by a pot-luck lunch and are usually less than two hours long depending on the items on the agenda.  Come out to a general membership meeting and enjoy the Chamorro hospitality of the member(s) hosting the meeting and participate in the sessions that drive the coordination, planning and execution of the Guam Society events.  Occasionally, visitors and dignitaries from Guam attend our meetings who are in the area when the meetings are conducted attend the meetings as well. 

Find out more by visiting the  GSA Membership page.