2018 Guam Society Cherry Blossom Princess and Junior Princess Application

Each year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival commemorates the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of Washington, DC and the lasting friendship between the United States and Japan.

Since 1952 the Guam Society of America has selected a Princess to represent our island of Guam during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Over the years our Princesses have represented us well with their beauty, intelligence, positive attitude, and love for our island of Guam.  The Guam Society of America has a reputation of being one of the most active societies in the National Conference of State Societies.  We have had some amazing young women serve as our princess and have even produced three queens in our long history.

Our current Cherry Blossom Princess, Aubrey Mantanona , is an undergraduate at Northern Virginia Community College. In addition to participating in the Cherry Blossom festivities held this past April and the Guam Society’s Liberation commemoration  in July, Aubrey represented GSA in the Liberation parade on Guam and we are very proud of her!

As the end of summer approaches, it is time again to select another Cherry Blossom Princess to participate in the upcoming 2018 National Cherry Blossom Festival which runs from April 7-14, 2018.  We are seeking candidates interested in representing the Guam Society as our 2018 Cherry Blossom Princess. We encourage all young ladies who meet the minimum requirements listed below to apply.  Please contact Joelle Blas at joelle.blas.12@cnu.edu or info@guamsociety.org and an application will be sent to you.

2018 Guam Society Cherry Blossom Princess Requirements:

Residence: The Princess must be a U.S. citizen and be the daughter or granddaughter of a parent of Chamorro (Guamanian) descent.  She should be well-informed about Guam’s history and culture.

Age: The Princess must be at least 19 years of age, but no older than 24 years old as of April 18, 2018

Education: The Princess must be at least a high school graduate

Marital: The Princess must be single, never have been married, no children.

General: The Princess must be a current member of the Guam Society of America.

Cherry Blossom Princess Applications will be accepted through September 16, 2017 and our Princess will be announced at our annual Chamorro Night event on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

In 2012, the NCSS officially began the Junior Cherry Blossom PrincessProgram.  This program allows younger girls of state and territorial societies to participate in some of the Festival activities as well.  In 2013, the JuniorPrincesses were introduced at the Princess Tea where they each received their sash and tiara from the U.S. and Japan Cherry Blossom Queens.  They also participated in the USO Care Package Stuffing event and visited the Children’s Museum.

We encourage families with daughters ages 5-16 to participate.  Please review the Junior Princess requirements below and if you have any questions or would like a participation form sent to you, please contact Joelle Blas at joelle.blas.12@cnu.edu or info@guamsociety.org.

We are very proud of the 2017 Guam Society Junior Princess, Isabella ‘Bella’ George.   We are very proud of her! Bella has served gracefully with pride since her coronation.

2018 Guam Society Junior Cherry Blossom Requirements:

1.  The Junior Princess must be a U.S. citizen and be the daughter or granddaughter of a parent of Chamorro (Guamanian) descent.  Her family must be current members of the Guam Society of America.

2.  The Junior Princess must be at least 5 years old and be able to walk across the stage on her own, however no older than 16 years old

3.  The Junior Princess must have a parent/guardian with her at all times at all events.

4.  Participation fee of $100 is required. Checks made payable to The National Conference of State Societies.

5. The Junior Princess must be willing to attend other Festival events throughout the week.  Please note that some of these events may require purchased tickets and there will be limited space so other family members may not be able to attend.   Any additional tickets purchased are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

6.  Parents must sign the Cherry Blossom Junior Princess Participation form and waiver.

NOTE:  This program is open to all young girls in the Society.  However, the GSA will sponsor only one Junior Cherry Blossom Princess each year and will pay the required participation fee.  In the event that 2 or more girls are interested there will be a selection process to choose one lucky girl to represent the GSA as the 2018 Junior Cherry Blossom Princess.  All other girls will be responsible for their own participation fee.

Good luck to all our young Chamoritas who are applying for the 2018 Cherry Blossom Princess and Junior Princess positions.