2017 Guam Society Liberation Picnic – Saturday, July 15, 2017, 12-7pm

It’s that time of year again for our annual Liberation Picnic – join us as we celebrate the 73nd Anniversary of the Liberation of Guam.

*This year’s Liberation theme is “Strength In Unity” – Manmetgot gi Dinanña’

Almost every culture has a similar proverb or saying.  “Sticking together is a source of strength” often used in referring to teams, families, marriages, communities, and nations. This proverb suggests, moreover, that we are stronger together than when we are alone.  The principle of the theme is the primary basis of peace and happiness of a society and a nation.  Unity brings greater safety and security.  This is the history of the formation of all nations.

Logo design/concept: Set in the shape of an åcho’ atupat (slingstone), the raised fist, or the clenched fist, is a symbol of solidarity and support used as a salute to express unity and strength.  Set in the fist is the image of Guam Seal- the flag of our people.  The backdrop to the fist is the stars and stripes of the United States of America which recognizes the pride and patriotism instilled in the people and the relief they felt upon seeing the red, white and blue flowing freely over our liberated island.*

*From the Guam Liberation Historical Society

The Guam Society has held a Liberation Picnic since its was established in 1952.   This year continues the tradition with the oldest Guam Club/Organization in the United States.  Information about the 2017 picnic event is provided below:


Flyer for the picnic is shown above and can be downloaded here:  Guam Society 73rd Liberation Anniversary Picnic

This year’s Guam Society Liberation picnic will be held at Fort Meade, Maryland.  We are looking forward to a fantastic picnic and to catching up with all of our members, family and friends.

This Liberation Picnic Committee, led by Chairperson Gerald Corpuz, have a great day planned for all to enjoy.

When: Saturday, July 15th, 2017, 12pm-7pm (NOTE:  for BBQ, we’ll be so happy to see you with marinated meats between 8am-10am).

Where: 902 Reece Road, Fort Meade, Maryland (Pavilion No. 4)

What: Pot Luck Event – we ask that you bring a dish to share or come with marinated meats for BBQ and two (2)  2-liter bottles of soda or water/BYOB – no glass bottles, please.



MILITARY FACILITY ACCESS REQUIREMENTS: If you do not have a DOD ID/CAC CARD – please RSVP for gate access by June 30, 2017 via email to gkcorpuz@gmail.com.

In your email provide:  Full name (as shown on your state ID or Driver’s License), Date of Birth, License or ID Number and issuing State (i.e Virginia, Maryland, etc.)   – this is needed for all members in your family/party who are 18 years or older.

DO NOT SEND ONE NAME and the number in your party – it will cause delays in gaining access to military base/facility.

*Bring your Party Gear! (tents, canopies, chairs, etc).

Planned Activities:

  • DJ911 – for lots of dancing
  • Meet the 2017 Guam Society Cherry Blossom Princess and Junior Princess and the 2016 Guam Liberation Queen
  • Music Entertainment and Dancing
  • Contests, Raffles, Vendors
  • 2017 Guam Society Scholarship Presentation
  • Visit with the Honorable Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Guam’s Congresswoman and Guam VIPs

POINTS OF CONTACT (Please contact after 5pm):

Picnic Chairperson Gerald Corpuz, Phone:  (443) 306-6337
or  Guam Society President Aylene Mafnas (703) 868-5660 (email:  info@guamsociety.org)

Please RSVP via email to info@guamsociety.org by Wed, June 30, 2017, so we can make sure that there is enough food prepared. Look for signs for the parking areas & come early to set up.

Events like this are only possible with the support and dedication of members of the Guam Society of America.  If you are not a member of the Guam Society, please consider joining the organization as a member while you’re at the picnic.

- Print out the invite with directions and picnic details. Also forward to family and friends.
- If donating marinated meats for BBQ, please come between 8am to 10:00am
- If you do not have a DOD ID, send your name for all members of your as written on your state ID or driver’s licensefamily and friends who are 18 years and older by June 22 to gkcorpuz@gmail.com. All names must be submitted to Fort Meade Security to ensure you are granted access when you arrive.
In your email message, include in the subject line “Liberation Day” and the following:
  • Last name, First Name, Middle Name;
  • DOB;
  • License or ID number; and the issuing state for your ID or License
- Bring your BBQ gear – tents and chairs

HOW TO GET TO THE PICNIC: Be prepared to present ID, vehicle registration and proof of insurance at the gate

*From Washington D.C.: Take Interstate 95 or I295 N toward Baltimore to MD State Route 175 E. Follow 175 E until it turns into Annapolis Road. Follow the signs to the Reece Road main gate. From Baltimore: Take Interstate 95 or I-295 S toward Washington, D.C. to MD State Route 175 E. Follow 175 E until it turns into Annapolis Road. Follow the signs to the Reece Road main gate. From Annapolis: Take US 50/301 W to Interstate 97 N toward Baltimore. Take MD State Route 32 W toward Odenton/Fort Meade. Take MD State Route 175 W, Annapolis Road. Follow the signs to the Reece Road main gate.

*Directions to Pavilion #4 from Fort Meade Main Gate: After entering the gate, take the first left onto Ernie Pyle. After passing through the traffic light, take a right at Llwelyn and then turn left on Wilson. The GSA picnic will be at Pavilion no. 4. Please do not park on the grass.

*Need more information:  Contact the following GSA volunteers after 5pm: Gerald Corpuz at 443-306-6337; Aylene Mafnas at 703-868-5660 or email info@guamsociety.org.