Håle’ Para Agupa’ presents Chamorro Learning Session: Prutehi I Lengguahi (Måyu 2017)

Join Håle’ Para Agupa’: Hinekkan Manhoben Para I Manmamaila’ in their next Chamorro learning session on Damenggo, Måyu 7th at 1:00 p.m. Please, arrive 15-30 minutes early for socializing, as we will begin on time. The session will be hosted in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Damenggo, Måyu 7th @ 1PM

Learning Session Details: Continuation of our Chamorro Language Class

Join us as we continue to take a deeper look into the culture and people they call “Chamorro”.

Want to join the movement and join Håle’ Para Agupa’ email us at HaleParaAgupa@gmail.com and download our app at https://haleparaagupa.teamapp.com/!

Si Yu’os Ma’ase,

Teresita Guevara Smith (Familian Kalu yan Fungu; TaoTao Ordot)
Håle’ Para Agupa’ Director