Håle’ Para Agupa’ presents Chamorro Learning Session: Special Topics and Chamorro Cooking Class (Abrit 2017)

Join Håle’ Para Agupa’: Hinekkan Manhoben Para I Manmamaila’ in their next Chamorro learning session on Damenggo, Abrit 2nd at 1:00 p.m. Please, arrive 15-30 minutes early for socializing, as we will begin on time. The session will be hosted in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Part 1: Praktika Yan Susteni Special Topics
Part 2: Chamorro Cooking Class! The Art of Making Lumpia yan Cucumber Salad

Damenggo, Abrit 2nd @ 1PM

Learning Session Details: This session we will be empowering our members to teach the group on various Chamorro learning topics, because one of the best ways to learn is by teaching others. We will also be back in the kitchen for a Chamorro Cooking Class led by two of our members!

Join us as we continue to take a deeper look into the culture and people they call “Chamorro”.

Want to join the movement and join Håle’ Para Agupa’ email us at HaleParaAgupa@gmail.com and download our app at https://haleparaagupa.teamapp.com/!

Si Yu’os Ma’ase,

Teresita Guevara Smith (Familian Kalu yan Fungu; TaoTao Ordot)
Håle’ Para Agupa’ Director