Guam Society of America Manaina / Honorary Members – as of February 2017

The Guam Society of America honors members who have contributed and volunteered their personal time and efforts to support the Society over the years as Manaina.  Manaina is a derivative of Saina and translates in the Chamorro language to Elder or Parent, or someone who is well respected because of their knowledge and experience.    Many of the honorary members have served as officers, committee chairpersons, provided their expertise and most importantly their personal time and resources in support of the Guam Society and its many events throughout the years.

Manaina/ Honorary Members are not required to pay the annual membership dues and in some cases may be provided complimentary attendance to Society events where a cover charge or tickets are required. Manaina are always first to eat during picnics and membership gatherings.  Included as honorary members are the sitting Guam Congressional Delegate, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Guam because of their leadership roles for the island of Guam and its people.

Below is a list of current and past Honorary Members who were nominated, approved, and inducted as Manaina by  the Guam Society membership over the years.

2017 Inductees:

Bernadita (Bernie) & Lorenzo (Larry) Cruz
Evelyn Perez (Past Guam Society President)



Raymond (Past Guam Society Vice-President) and Estella Duenas
Charlie and Cathy Gulac
Domingo and Linda Rita Limo (Past Guam Society President)
Wayne and Debbie Lizama
(✝) Ben and Mary Pablo
Mike (Past Guam Society President) and Juvy Blas
Joey and Heidi Quenga (Kutturan Chamoru Foundation Founders)


2015 Inductees:

Lourdes ‘ Lou’ Barrett (Past Guam Society President and NCSS President)
Father Randy Gonzales
(✝) Benny and Marie Taitague
Albert (Past Guam Society President) and Peggy Yanger
Edgar and Doris Yanger (Past Guam Society Treasurer)
2014 Inductees:
Joe and Angie Borja
Joseph and (✝) Luisa Harmon
George Lizama
Tony and Juanit Naude
Joe and Insuk Sablan
Bert (Past Guam Society President) and Rolly Ramlow
Warren and Teresita Schroeder
Teresita (Past Guam Society President) and Danny Smith
2013 Inductees:
(✝)Brigadier General (USMC, Retired) Vicente ‘Ben’ and (✝)Ann Blaz
David Perez (Past Guam Society President)
Lorenzo ‘Larry’ and Annie Quichocho
Danny (Past Guam Society President) and Rose Santos
2012 Inductees:
Celestin (Past Guam Society President) and Maria Aguigui
(✝) Jesus  ’Jess/Chu’ and Annie Rosario (Past Guam Society Secretary)
David and Anita Ruff
Juan T. (Past Guam Society President) and May Salas
Segundo ‘Sy’ Sanchez (Past Guam Society Vice-President)
Previous Inductees:
Rosita Bamba
(✝) Margarita (‘Augit’)  S. Perez
(✝) Jose and (✝) Bride Bamba
(✝) Roman Benavente
(✝) Juan and (✝) Matilde Cruz(✝) Johnny  C. Flores
(✝) Brigida Reyes Guzman and (✝) Roberto L.G. Lizama(✝) Jose ‘Pepe’ Taitano
(✝) Isadora ‘Doring’ Taitano
Current Honorary Members from Congress and Guam:
Honorable Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Guam Congressional Delegate
Honorable Eddie Baza Calvo, Governor of Guam
Honorable Ray Tenorio, Lieutenant Governor of Guam

(✝) Denotes Mainana who have passed away but are always remembered by the Guam Society for their contributions and support.