Guam Society Hosts Governor and First Lady of Guam

Members of the Guam Society of America had a special treat during a Snow storm, sleet and freezing rain on Saturday, February 21, 2015.  The Governor of Guam, Eddie Baza Calvo  and the First Lady Christine Calvo braved icy roads and blizzard like conditions to join the Guam Society Members and their families from the Washington D.C. area for a night of conversation and socializing. It was a night to remember for both sides of the special event.

Mr. Pete Camit, Guam Society President along with Host Terri Guevara Smith welcomed Governor and Mrs. Calvo into the home of Danny and Terri Smith, along with a handful of Guam Society members and their families.  Despite the winter storm, members braved the conditions as the event was scheduled and the persistence of the Governor of Guam wanting to meet Chamorros in the Washington DC Region.

Conversation on the islands’ current state of affairs, and its future strategy in regards to tourism, veterans, and culture lasted several hours and was accompanied with great Chamorro dishes provided by the Society members.  The gathering included reminiscing of the past with some of the Governor’s family members who were also present.

It was a great honor to finally host the Governor and the First Lady as previous attempts in years past were preempted by scheduling conflicts.  A big thank you to the Guam Society members who trekked to Upper Marlboro, Maryland to meet the Governor Eddie Calvo and First Lady Christine Calvo.

Thank you Governor and Mrs. Calvo for making the time to be with the members of the Guam Society and for making them feel special on this stormy night.  Additional thanks to Jay Rojas, Guam Society member and Director of the Governor of Guam’s Office in Washington, D.C.