2013 Chamorro Night

The Guam Society of America proudly presents its annual Chamorro Night event.  This year’s event will start earlier than usual as the Society will be showcasing several exhibits focused on highlighting our Chamorro culture.  Chairperson Benny Taitague and the committee have organized a fantastic event for all to enjoy and experience.  Here are just a few things that will kick off this cultural event starting at 4pm.

Cultural Demonstrations (4pm-6pm):

Talaya (ta-la-ja)- Fish Net Throwing – a time-honored tradition; Chamorro fisherman would use these nets to catch fish right off the shore; this takes skill and finesse.  Find out if you have what it takes to be a ‘Talayero/Talayera’.

Kamyu (kam-ju) – Coconut Grating – let us show you how to grate coconut the old-fashion way; this is how it was done before you could pick up those frozen packets in the freezer section at the grocery store; and with all foods – fresher is always better.

Coconut Candy – learn how to make this delicious island treat; simple and easy to make – great one to learn with Halloween just around the corner — definitely more treat than trick.

Chamorro Dances – learn some basic dance steps and movements so you can dance along with everyone during the dancing portion of the event later on in the evening.

Learn the Guam Hymn – Fanoghe Chamorro (Stand Ye Guamanians); we sing at all of our meetings, events, and gatherings – sure you can sing along in English, but learn the lyrics in Chamorro and sign the hymn loud and proud whenever its played.  A really, key and important one for our next generation of Chamorro kids (and some adults) to learn so we can keep our culture alive and strong.

Lechon Roasting demonstration – see how a pig is roasted Chamorro Style!  You’ve seen it on the table at our major events and picnics.  Come out and see the roasting and how its set up and done — more importantly, this is going to be the main attraction at the dinner table so you’ll be able to see how its done before you partake of this delicious feast.  Don’t worry, the pig is already prepped for the roast!

We’ll have the Chamorro Masters Exhibits on display, with emphasis on some of our Master craftsmen/women who are near and dear to the Guam Society’s heart – they may be relatives to Guam Society Members.  The Chamorro Masters are the premier artisans and craftsmen who have mastered key cultural practices that have been passed on from generation to generation.  A unique learning opportunity for all ages!

Finally, come out to the event to find out who is selected as the 2014 Cherry Blossom Princess and Junior Princess for the Guam Society. These two young ladies will be representing the Guam Society in the 2014 Cherry Blossom Festival events, held from April 6, 2014 to April 12, 2014.  Meet them in person along with our reigning 2013 Cherry Blossom Princess, Chrissy Mendiola.

Enjoy island cuisine for dinner and most of all dancing throughout the evening.

Details about the event are provided below and on the attached flyer:  CNFlyer2013

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013, 4pm-11pm (Cultural Demonstrations/Exhibits – 4pm-6pm; Dinner Program & Dancing 6pm-11pm)

Key Note Speaker: Guam Society President Mike Blas

Point of Contact: Benny Taitague, Phone:  (443) 534-8533, Email:  misin_lago@yahoo.com

Attire: Island Wear/Apparel

Location: The Cottage at Burba Lake, Fort Meade, Maryland

This is a paid event:

Pay Online here at the Guam Society Website – You can pay at the door, but cost will be increased by $5); you may also pay via phone by contacting (703) 868-5660/(703) 731-3063 or (703) 565-4712.  Please note you’ll need to login to use the shopping cart on the right – same process as renewing your membership online. 

If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your check payment (payable to ‘Guam Society of America’) to the Guam Society Treasurer, Aylene Mafnas, at 5001 Marshall Crown Road, Centreville, VA  20120.

Guam Society Members:  $20

Non-Members:  $35 (pay for your 2013 Guam Society membership and save on your ticket price; all who renew their membership for 2014 at the event will be eligible for a membership renewal raffle at the event).

Kids 13-17/College Students:  $15

Kids 5-12:  $5

Soda/Water, Beer & Wine will be available for purchase as well; one complimentary soda/water will be included with each meal.

Soda or Water:  $1     Beer or Wine:  $3


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Come out for a fabulous island style event celebrating our culture and heritage!

This is the last major event for the Guam Society’s 2013 Calendar Year – so come help us celebrate and enjoy!