Guam Society Member’s Mother Writes Children’s Book – The Enchanting Tales of Guam

Tina C. Pablo, Guam Society Member, Kerrie Pate’s mother, has written the Enchanting Tales of Guam, a hardbound book filled with 18 stories of Island Fairies, Taotaomona, Duendes, and other Ethereal Beings.  Like any other enchanted island, Guam has many stories to tell, including stories that take place in the supernatural world.  The Chamorro people have spoken of ethereal beings and their stories have been passed down through many generations.  Discover or revisit these stories and share them with the next generation of Chamorros in one compilation through this delightful book.

Authored by Tina C. Pablo and illustrated by Ariel P. Dimalanta, the Enchanting Tales of Guam includes poems, recipies and other fun treasuresthat will please readers interested in island cultures and legends.  Every story has the author’s reflection at the end to help provoke thought and an activity with the younger generation of readers in mind.

Copies of the Enchanting Tales of Guam are available from Guam Society Member, Kerrie Pate.  For every copy of the book sold through the Guam Society website or by contacting Kerrie, a portion of the proceeds/sale will be donated to teh Guam Society of America’s Scholarship Program/Fund.  These scholarships are awarded annually at the Guam Society Guam Liberation Picnic.  Send inquiries and emails to .  Check back for online order capability from this website via paypal.