GSA Executive Board Meeting

This is the first Executive Board Meeting for the new GSA Administration and Executive Board.  The meeting is for Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons.  It is at the committee level that the initial planning and actual execution pave the way for the successful
events that we are accustomed to for the GSA.

Future meetings will be held via teleconference bridge.  Much of what is done for the GSA can be discussed and still executed more efficiently using teleconference capabilities.  This initial meeting will allow us to set the group dynamic needed to be successful this year – thus a face-to-face meeting to kick things off.

The following will be discussed at this Executive Board Meeting:

1)     President’s Guidance (including Goals and Objectives) and Leadership Philosophy for the 2011/2012 Administration
2)    Review and finalization of the GSA 2011 Calendar
3)    Treasurer’s Update, including review and input for the 2011 GSA Budget (this budget will be presented to the General Membership at the 1st Quarter General Membership Meeting  on Saturday, Feb 26, 2011).
4)    Committee Chair Introductions and Updates from the standing committees:
a.      Membership Update (Aylene Mafnas)
b.      Cherry Blossom/NCSS Update (Char Harris/Cevina Epps)
c.      Golf Committee Update (Larry Quichocho)
d.      Hospitality Committee Update (Annie Quichocho)
e.      Scholarship Committee Update (Julie Cruz)
f.      Picnic Committee Updates (including Memorial Day and Liberation Picnics):  Benny Taitague (Memorial Day) & John Salas (Liberation)
5)      Storage Facility for GSA Equipment and Property
6)      Inventory Update
7)      GSA Website Decision
8)      Consolidation of Communications Committee under the Secretary’s responsibilities

The meeting will be held at the residence of GSA President Mike Blas, 2842 Sweet Gum Court, Woodbridge, VA  22192.  Please contact Mike at or if you have any questions.